Macrobiotic lunch set

We serve a macrobiotic lunch set daily (closed on Tuesdays) which usually includes beautiful brown rice, a detoxification soup and a vegetable plate. The vegetables are always local, seasonal, fresh, pesticide-free and organic. In order to enjoy the exact flavour of the vegetables we cook very simply.

Of course, all vegetables, seasonings, water and dish detergents used in the cafe are safe and toxin free.We never use MSG and chemical preservatives. We don’t use the freezer or a microwave. Expect a fresh, delicious and hearty vegan meal that will give your body energy to heal and be strong.
Cafe Menu(PDF,680kb)

daily macrobiltic lunch set 99b
espresso hot 35b/ cold 50b
americano hot 40b/cold 50b
cafe latte hot 45b/ cold 55b
cappushino hot 45b/ cold 60b
mocha hot 50b/ cold 65b
Thai coffee 60b (cold only)
cocoa hot 50b/ cold 65b
milk hot 40b /cold 40b
Thai milk tea 55b (cold only)
Thai lemon tea 55b (cold only)
Thai green tea 55b (cold only)
healthy tea. by pot
papaya leaf tea 40b
noni tea 40b
moringa tea 40b
Japanese tea
(green tea,roasted green tea,greentea with roasted brown rice)
English tea
(eral grey,English breakfast,darjeeling,English afternoon)
mango cheese cake 90b
carrot cake 90b
chokolate cake 90b
oreo cheese sand 55b
Shingha, Leo,Sapporo
Japanese SAKE
junnmai, ginjo, daijginjo, shochu, ume-shu.
ala carte
vegetables SUSHI, yudofu, oshinko