Hello everyone. Thank you for always supporting us. Thanks to everyone, We have been able to come to this day. We will have six years since opening. During the year when we opened, we ran through a farm household and were searching for organic farming methods and organic pesticide vegetables. […]

We appreciate your cooperation

🎄Hello December🎄 Hello🌟. How are you? It is December. We will do lots of wonderful Japanese VEGAN events🥦🥑   …………………………………………………………… ❶ Artisan VEGESUSHI Vegesushi is created for the health-conscious, or those who don’t eat fish. The talented Artisan vegesushi chef Mr. 市角 壮玄 (Sogen Ichizumi) from HOXAI KITCHEN in Chiba […]


お待たせしました。 アムリタガーデンから程近くにあります”king of スパ”と呼び声高い「オアシススパ」のご予約が アムリタガーデンから出来るようになりました。 難しい英語やわからない土地勘などの苦労なしに、どうぞこちらからご予約くださいませ。 記入必要項目 お名前 人数 希望日時 希望コース お迎え場所 当日、連絡の取れる方法(LINEなど) その他          

reservation available ::OASIS SPA::

ARTISAN VEGESUSHI on 8th Dec 16:00     We are very excited to have the talented Artisan vegesushi chef Mr. Sogen from hoxal kitchen in Chiba Japan.Also his travel and did Vegesushi with people from around the world we are so happy that now he will be in Chiangmai. Come […]

VEGESUSHI =Japanese artisan food journey=

  It is a magazine recommended not only for those who are planning to go this year, but also for those who want to go someday! Helpful information is packed. As a senior living resident, I got a little information cooperation. Please download it for free, so please have a […]

Free download, Loy krathong magazine by my friend.

We are always grateful for your help. It’s almost time for the Loy Krathong Festival. As you visit our cafe in this period during the festivals, we give you inconvenience… We feel that we are sorry. In order to avoid confusion this year, we will establish the following special measures. […]

Loy krathong 2018 at amirta garden